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[Dec. 28th, 2007|04:45 pm]
last tuesday - met shannon in town to buy things to wear to daft punk, then met wayne, mandrew and brooke at chouquette for facestry. found out that if you go late enough they have savoury stuff, but it's more expensive that bon choix. then went to work where we were screening interstella 5555 - i hung out with elle, we played loud daft punk, i stuffed myself with free sandwiches and watched half the movie on my break, it was totes awes.

wednesday - allie stayed at our place the night before to get some space from her famille, which we all need to do sometimes, so we went xmas shopping in the city and i managed to get everything i needed - a moleskine rome guidebook and mark ronson's version album for mum, and a folio voucher to go with dad's Huts 2008 calendar. can't remember what i did that night.

thursday - was daft punk day. i packed various bags for the week and then headed over to shannon's after his haircut for a carton of beer with julian and brooke. then we dressed up in silver and headed down to the gardens past people who yelled "robot rock" out of their cars. i'd written all the daft hands words on my hands but they came off before we even got there. we arrived halfway through the presets, and met up with michaela, james etc, then wayne, and concentrated on getting a good spot in front of the mixing desk and to the left. it wasn't too crowded, and right before daft punk started they played LCD's "daft punk is playing at my house". then everyone crammed forward. the set was exactly like the live album, except with the most awesome visuals ever - at first just text on the big LED background for Technologic, then the pyramid lit up, gradually becoming more complex with colours and shapes until by the end (Human After All) there were images of nature and faces all over it in beautiful colour. we knew when our favourite songs were going to happen so even though i'd lost shannon, when face to face started i heard "nina!!!!" from behind me and looked up to see him gesticulating wildly. when one more time came on everyone was jumping and it was hard not to. even though i was surrounded by sweaty shirtless guys with their hands (or cameras, so many cameras) in front of my face i just felt so happy. robot masks got passed around the crowd and we put them on. brooke's car-reflector skirt came off and was used to fan a guy who was lying on the ground. i sweated so much under my armbands and i hardly even sweat in the sauna. the best parts were when they blew kisses and made triangles with their hands before going offstage, and when their new costumes lit up like Tron in the encore, and then all the lights went off at the end and they turned to reveal "daft punk" on the backs of their jackets, glowing! afterwards we waved furiously to mandrew at work and went to shannon's and then to rics for a few gin and tonics.

fri - met everyone ever for pastry outside chouquette because it was too crowded to sit inside, and saw this woman who had the exact same haircut and clothes and glasses as my mum - creepy. then went back to shannons for a sauna, swim and spa, and showered there. then wayne and martin and i went shopping for cocktail shakers for mandrew, picked up brooke and went to coorparoo to get groceries to take to straddie. we spent $150 on booze at dan murphy's (tanqueray, bacardi, vodka, 3 bottles of wine and 2 sixpacks of beer, plus we took brooke's bombay and mandrew's chambord, and came home with nothing lol) and wayne dropped me at work and picked me up afterwards. he stayed at ours after having indian food and watching shirley in criminal intent and oz.

next entry... best weekend ever.