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i went to girl talk at the zoo on jan 3rd, and despite freezing rainy… - too much information [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 16th, 2008|11:27 am]
[music |bjork - mouth's cradle]

i went to girl talk at the zoo on jan 3rd, and despite freezing rainy tired conditions, i danced, although not on the stage like many people i know. props to tim for driving us there and back. there was much discussion of new year's eve, but luckily noone seems to remember much more than i do. the next night i missed out on tickets to buck 65 (i worked all day and didn't try that hard) but in the interests of doing something on a friday night i went with julian and brooke for sushi, and then went to see I Are Legend. without my discount card it was SO expensive, plus they have stupid allocated seating, and it was terrible. the only thing that was worth it was the trailers for cloverfield and the dark knight.

the next day brooke and i went into town and met allie at borders for a brief shop ( got harvey birdman, and investigated the cheap tigers at hype but they didn't have my size), then we met shannon and katie at burger urge (glen, martin and wayne were late and arrived after we'd left) for massive lunch before work. the following day, again before work, we went to aurora on what was glannon's last day of their lease for a final swim/spa/sauna. it was stiflingly hot all morning but just as we arrived a huge storm broke, and we went swimming in really heavy rain, then got in the spa which was like a warm bath with a cold shower running on full. it was really beautiful and surreal. i had a sauna by myself, then we got cakes at aromas for lunch.

shannon came over the next night with antipasto for dinner - enough to feed all of us. we ate on the living room floor, and resolved to get rid of the gross carpet the next day, and gorged ourselves on deleicious food and rice paper rolls brooke made. then we walked up to the gelati shop which was full and understaffed. the next day shannon and brooke and i went into town to buy a carpet (one of those kids ones with roads on it) to replace the gross one, and then all got massages at temomin. i got the japanese boy! on the way home we passed through the valley and spent a bit of time in the indian supermarket (getting 5 curries for $10) and best friends, where the elephant vending machine no longer talks, but they have whitening soap and a brand of pads called "those days". then brooke suggested looking at tigers at the brother sister sale - i didn't even know they had them! they had the ones i wanted in the right size so i bought them, even though they were only 10% off (hype had 20%). they're beautiful, and since the starting price was less than the other styles, i got them for $107 which is not bad. that night glen and martin cooked a delicious curry for the rest of us and wayne, and cleaned up everything, and i realised what an asset they are to the house (along with the new carpet of course). i'd been a little worried that with the wet weather it would always be cramped and messy and noisy in our place but it wasn't.