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[Jan. 18th, 2008|04:04 pm]
[music |clerks 2]

best live show of 2008 so far: Sufjan Stevens. I cannot even describe how special it was, except that it combined the "performer so talented they don't need anything but their voice" gig experience with the "humorous banter and anecdotes" and "giant band, amazing visuals and costumes and beautiful girls and light-up hulahooping" live shows. unfortunately there were a lot of christians there but the show, although it included a fair bit of seven swans, wasn't at all preachy, just beautiful. he played so much from illinois - every track i wanted except decatur and casimir pulaski day (but i'm glad because people were screaming for it). someone presented him with a cake during the encore, come on feel the illinois live was one of the highlights of my life, and he's so goddamn pretty. did i mention i was 2 people from the stage right in front of him? omg.

after work on friday night i went to andrew's bar for a delightful cocktail made of lychees and blueberries with lovely people, followed by a geisha (a french martini with cointreau and lime instead of vodka) at 1 degree, then a dirty burger at 2am before wayne drove me home. what a nice way to finish a work night. the next morning shannon called me up and we joined katie and pete for breakfast at the powerhouse markets. katie brought her ex's daughter and we took her to the playground and the kiosk for ice cream - how wholesome! i got home at the same time as glartin, wayne and mandrew who'd been to yo mama, and we decided to get olives and dips and beers etc and go to the park near the story bridge. i walked to my parents afterwards for afternoon tea and picked some stuff up for allie's party, then headed out to wynnum. we got dressed up in indian clothes, put on bollywood music and cooked amazing food, then sat around talked about movies and scary internet memes. ro offered to pick me up with her bossy GPS, karen, which was a lifesaver, and only cost me petrol money.

mum and dad and i took gran out to lunch at beccofino on sunday, which was awesome and i drank prosecco with the meal - bug meat linguine with cherry tomatos, garlic and chilli. they dropped me off at work where my left ankle got suddenly painful and swollen and by close i could hardly walk. bonnie gave me nurofen which took hours to work but it hasn't hurt since although it's still not quite back to its normal size.

i was expecting a phone call about a potential awesome new job on monday, so i spent the day watching gilmore girls and veronica mars in sweltering heat and didn't get the call. that night we all went to cyber city 2002 for dinner and pool (i won the first game against little matt after a phone call made me angry and i sunk 4 balls in a row!) and then convinced wayne to drive us to milton bowl, collecting tim and wayne's housemates on the way. i sucked and my arm hurt until i discovered the light balls ("suitable for children") and won the second game with a 110 score. excellent times.

after work on tuesday we went to mandrew's bar again for gilloyd's return from canadia, and i had a gin and blueberry cocktail, and a lavender creme brulee. the next day i waited again for the phone call, this time running tonnes of errands - the house fridge has a new seal, anthony picked his fridge up, i paid the electricity bill, bought toilet paper and a pair of tongs and put a bulb in the david lynch lamp, then finally got the call at 5pm. it went pretty well i hope and i'll see on tuesday when i go meet them and find out what the job involves and whether i can have it. matt came over and glartin cooked delicious burritos for us all.

yesterday was 3 movies, 1 day - first coffee and breakfast at espresso garage, then CLOVERFIELD in the imax which fucking rocked, then beer and chips at the plough (i still owe people money for that), then JUNO in a sold-out cinema where we got talking to all these strangers about wayne's Team Margaret shirt and how we met them, which was pretty damn good. Then we got a rushed early dinner (despite sugar overload) at Cyber City and raced to the Palace for LUST, CAUTION which turned out to be a sold-out special screening, which meant no freebies, expensive tickets and some people missed out because i didn't know we'd need to get there early. still we didn't miss the film and it was pretty good. then we went to rics for food and drinks, then there was awesomeness.

whew, up to date.