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my top 40 songs of 2007* [Jan. 28th, 2008|09:07 am]
*contributed to the group invasion day hottest 100 list which i would like shannon to post!

paper planes - m.i.a.
umbrella - rihanna
postcard to nina - jens lekman
you know me better - roisin murphy
valerie - mark ronson (feat. amy winehouse)
i am leaving you because i don't love you - jens lekman
sipping on the sweet nectar - jens lekman
bamboo banga - m.i.a.
overpowered - roisin murphy
innocence - bjork
let me know - roisin murphy
face to face/short circuit - daft punk
superheroes/human after all/rock'n'roll - daft punk
i remember every kiss - jens lekman
magic position - patrick wolf
come around - m.i.a.
touch it/technologic - daft punk
when under ether - pj harvey
robot rock/oh yeah - daft punk
shadowplay - the killers (control soundtrack)
silence - pj harvey
jimmy - m.i.a.
body language - roisin murphy
white chalk - pj harvey
grow grow grow - pj harvey
hope - bjork
dear darkness - pj harvey
oh my god - mark ronson (feat. lily allen)
one more time/aerodynamic - daft punk
wanderlust - bjork
the opposite of hallelujah - jens lekman
earth intruders - bjork
the devil - pj harvey
declare independence - bjork
sound of silver - lcd sound system
around the world/harder better faster stronger - daft punk
the piano - pj harvey
television rules the nation/crescendolls - daft punk
footprints - roisin murphy
makes me wonder - maroon 5

[User Picture]From: aedia
2008-02-06 02:36 am (UTC)


where oh where oh where is nina?
where oh where oh where is nina.
where oh where oh where is nina?
where did nina go?


*shades eyes, looks around*
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