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the money shot [Dec. 21st, 2007|08:52 am]
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wow [Dec. 13th, 2007|02:23 pm]
this is what the internet is for: insane art.

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(no subject) [Dec. 9th, 2007|06:25 am]
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KRudd and birthday week part 3 [Dec. 4th, 2007|07:44 am]
[music |JT - Summer Love]

saturday december 1st was the first day of summer, the day for shaving off your movember moustache, world aids day, and one of the bestest days ever.

- having woken up everyone at aurora at ten to 9, we decided that going to the sunshine coast wasn't doable and went to Salon for breakfast. their menu is awesome and more affordable than dinner, and contains breakfast cocktails which we simply had to have. i had baked eggs with truffled white beans and goat's cheese, and a tanqueray/french champagne/grenadine/citrus cocktail in a martini glass. then everyone paid for me which wasn't necessary or expected. then we went next door and bought a carton of beer.

- back at aurora glen and martin went shopping and brooke, shannon and i had a sauna, which got up to 72 degrees before we got out. the others came back along with mandrew and wayne and we hung out in the pool and spa for a while until mandrew went to work. ronnie and pete dropped in for a while.

- glen drove us back to our house, and on the way we got takeaway burger urge and rented face/off. back in our living room we went through the whole carton of beer watching anchorman, eating pixie sticks and playing the face/off drinking game. matt and mandrew joined us at some point. when they said face, we drank. when margaret cho (who is in the movie!) spoke, we drank. we decided to down our whole drinks if anyone said "face off" (which happened 3 times in a row!), and to all get naked if anyone said "face/off", which didn't happen. i put on my amazing highlighter-yellow shoes.

- we went out for drinks at rumpus room with ally, will, jason, kasia, hanna, elle, michael and tim. people bought me gins and a cocktail, mandrew blew a lot of raspberries on everyone and elle gave me a box full of cool things like a toy camera with pornographic slides inside attached to a bracelet.

- then at midnight we headed over to dendy george and met malcolm and luke and david and hooked up the gamecube to the digital projector in cinema two for big-screen mariokart. i think everyone pretty much let me win, most people had a go and i only started to get tired when they played smash bros for a while at about 1:30am. a bunch of people left, we switched back to mariokart and then soul caliber and most people stood around the back chatting while waiting for a turn. we left about 3am and i managed to get a bus almost immediately with no drunk people on it at all!

next morning we had breakfast at cirque which was just amazing and then looked around the shops for a while. brooke gave me 2 of her dresses she no longer wears, and i worked that night and last night. i am overwhelmed with how nice everyone is to me and am thinking that this year may be simultaneously one of the worst and definitely the best of my life so far. gosh.
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KRudd and birthday week! part 1 [Nov. 29th, 2007|12:29 pm]
last thursday i had breakfast at chouquette with glen, ben, brooke, wayne and frenchy. got my hard drive so anthony could move his files to his new computer and then move the last of his stuff out. ro came over with a few things for her room and we cleaned some more. went to work where pianon came to see INLAND EMPIRE and i watched the last part with him, making up my 3rd complete viewing (that's 9.5 hours kids).

friday: chouquette again, with mandrew, wayne and ben. we watched the film through again with fresh eyes and took notes on what we wanted to change, which were the same as the last time (a relief). but rather than fix the problems we went for lunch at sol breads with leo's friend whose name i don't remember, and then mandrew said that he was confident about an election victory because, using some warped version of The Secret, he was going to eat a picture of kevin rudd. that sounded like the best idea ever so we went to a newsagent and bought newspapers for the following day. then i suggested we visit brooke's newsagent at Evil Farm, and we did, with no idea how to get there. we somehow found it really easily and shocked her by walking in there. we got free stuff, i bought the Huts 2008 calendar for my dad, and we saw some of the creepy regulars. then i went home to give ro her key and spend the evening with brooke shopping for bbq supplies and cutting out pictures of kRudd for us to eat.

i woke up on saturday to find brooke getting my soaking wet kevin 07 shirt off the line with the idea of blowdrying it for me - aw. i took over and in the meantime dressed all in red (by coincidence because everything was wet) with my communist party shirt. shannon came over and we got juice and cakes while we waited for the bottle shop to open. somehow the guy there convinced me to buy a carton of green apple flavoured beer which was $25 a carton, which ended up looking and tasting terrible, but we did finish it off between about 5 of us. shannon baked brownies and made a mixtape called Kevin Baking for the occasion, i made fairy bread and brooke lit the bbq despite silly males interfering. but first we voted, which involved a massive queue, a sausage sizzle, a disappointing cake stall and me being told to take off my shirt before going in as it was official campaign material - mandrew had his theremin shirt so i didn't have to go topless. then everyone came over at various times and i don't remember that much. my 4 hour playlist had lots of political stuff like pull up the people (mia), whats going on (marvin gaye), ooh child (5 stairsteps) and things are getting better (nerd) mixed with pop, plus many david lynch songs - everyone noticed when sinnerman came on. we put up a sign in our front window that said "honk if you hate howard", and i got a phone message of my parents voices going "honk honk honk" for ages. whil brought a sponge roll wrapped in glad wrap which he punted onto the table, and which then became a football until its wrapping came off, and then was replaced so the game could continue. lauren brought potato salad and delicious spicy chicken wings. about this point mandrew kept disappearing and returning with signs - first some liberal "labor debt" ones we hung from the clothesline, then a picture of arch bevis, then the b105 sign which we graffitied, and finally heaps and heaps of kevin rudd new leadership plastic sheeting which got taped all over the front of our house and most people went out on the street and waved the signs until i think the neighbours complained. at about 7 we got a maxi to mountjoy for their election party, and shannon drove ramona's car back to his place with arch bevis taped to the bonnet until it blew up on the windshield and they ran the risk of being breathalysed. the second party was so jam-packed with people and so noisy noone could hear the TV but the results and kerry o'brien's smug grin looked pretty good almost from the start. i had a headache from being in the sun all day and decided not to open the bottle of tequila till howard's concession speech. i didn't hear any of it or rudd's acceptance because during those 20 minutes, ferty, mandrew and i went through the whole bottle of tequila and a lot of cheering was happening all around us. from there i victory-pashed ferty, sarah grey and martin, went dancing at common people, hugged a bunch of strangers wearing kevin 07 shirts and did some things that would have made Family First quite uncomfortable, but seemed to please the males no end. lol.

in the morning brooke, shannon and i went to breakfast with the crase kids and michaela, at cirque. they split us into 2 tables and we got served first so we went to the alibi for a gin and tonic until the others finished, then mum and dad rang, apparently on their way to chouquette. they're very unreliable, chouquette was closed and eventually they showed up for lunch back at cirque after i'd bought and read the paper. then ramona rang with a "migraine" (hangover) and asked me to work her shift that night - i agreed on the condition that i could leave at 1130 and not wait till finland vampire finished. which i did.
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At The Movies Annual Viewers Poll [Nov. 29th, 2007|10:52 am]
this year you can vote 5 times! i use their complete list to make my top 3 (usually) for the year - last year was shortbus/brick/doa; the year before was palindromes/mysterious skin/tarnation. bearing in mind i usually choose things i think other people don't appreciate as much as me, this year i've voted for:

1. infamous
2. inland empire
3. notes on a scandal
4. eagle vs shark
5. the 5th position is staying free until i've seen i'm not there.

special mentions also of bobby, death proof, for your consideration, red road and stranger than fiction.

edit: voted for red road - deciding between that and for your consideration was real hard.
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(no subject) [Nov. 16th, 2007|09:30 am]
[music |Roisin Murphy - Let Me Know]

after work on sunday shannon cooked dinner for almost everyone at crase street and ronnie and brooke and i which was awesome. i was so tired i can't really remember much but there was burgers with bacon and the salad with the strawberries and poached pears for dessert, and we all felt light-headed, maybe from the poppy seeds. i brought cuvee (leftover from the jungle gym night) and guava juice for pink clouds and forgot about them, and after dinner we watched every flat eric video on youtube.

by monday i was really tired and cranky at work, but ramona came by and offered to pick me up since she was coming over that night. i got to talk to elle while i waited, and she even took me to the supermarket because i desperately needed groceries and cleaning stuff. mandrew and shannon came over and on our way out the door to get pizza and beer we saw the crase crew, 5 of them and 5 of us, across the road and had an awesome shouted street fight. ramona is an asset in such circumstances, especially when a pedestrian came through the middle and she yelled "yeah, you better hurry, this is gonna get serious" and i could see him stifling a laugh. she also warned us not to invite her to eurovision or we might not like her afterwards lol. we got a carton of boags blonde which is not bad at all, and several pizzas, anthony came home, and we talked about sleep and dreams, and then about penises on the back steps while smokers smoked, then played mariokart where mandrew kicked my ass but all the practice is paying off. everyone left pretty early which was a blessing because i was still exhausted from the weekend. i went to bed and missed mona's six-point turn in the backyard in her kevin07 car.

spent tuesday cleaning the house for the inspection and imminent moving of furniture and changing of housemates this weekend, and lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself. when everyone came home i stopped, cooked lunch and had a beer because you can't watch californication without drinking. then i worked, was told that we're getting eagle vs shark, did a promo board for INLAND EMPIRE on which i insisted we have a pic of lynch himself, and saw shannon from the bus in the valley and then wayne at the alibi room.

on wednesday everything got a lot better when i woke up at what i hoped was at least 8am to the absence of construction noise, and looked at the clock on the way to the bathroom to discover it was 10am! my mood improved muchly, i did a bit of vaccuuming, ally came over and we ran into james on his way home from work, then had lunch at jamies and saw waitress. even though it was shmultzy i really liked it and it made me want pie so hard. we had gelati afterwards and then i worked again, and made the promo board even better with another 4 pics of lynch and a cow! i got to chat to elle again and got a call from mum asking if i wanted their old digital video camera.

yesterday was INLAND EMPIRE day and i worked, opening after a close, my 5th shift in a row. still i was pretty damn happy to be there and see it hit the screen (ohhhh) for the first time in season. dad took me out for greek food and respected my demands that i be home in bed at 9pm. i didn't sleep well at all but hey, things are good, i have sufjan tickets, lynch is playing in brisbane, we passed inspection, and All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane (which is getting better reviews than IE - hypocritical australian reviewers) opened at Indro so y'all can see me on the big screen.
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breaking news? [Nov. 5th, 2007|03:14 pm]
it's just come to my attention via the internet that timbaland produced a single by my favourite russian pop star dima bilan, who came second in eurovision behind lordi (remember the ballerina in the white piano?).

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*sigh* [Oct. 27th, 2007|08:03 am]
[music |Amy Winehouse - I Heard Love is Blind]

as previously mentioned i went to see Death Proof with Shannon (in makeup!), Ro and Mandrew on Wednesday night. First we had WAH and their new Korean beer OB, which has replaced Hite on the menu (*sob*) but is still pretty good. the movie was fucking awesome despite the Grindhouse fuckup, my initial uneasiness with the plot (sweet revenge is so satisfying) and Tarantino's huge ego - the guy loves movies even more than i do and i like that. Great music as usual.

on Thursday, after watching Brooke carve Homestar into a pumpkin ("you dial 91, then when i give the word, dial 1 again") we went to Wayne's for "editing", by which i mean using the word "face" 100,000 times and getting through one scene between going to the chocolate shop, eating scones, brie, humus (homos) and olives and playing DOA which i really like and am not bad at. then i went to mum and dad's for dinner where we talked about amy winehouse and beehives, Red Road, KRudd and the fact that the village twin is being demolished because heritage listing is useless and ineffectual - look at the shingle inn and festival hall! there's provision in the act that people can knock down heritage buildings if they're not economically viable, so in practice listing only protects things that don't need protecting, you know, like the federal government's tax policies. angry angry.

woke up really fluey yesterday and today, almost passed out hanging up washing, spent the afternoon on the couch feeling sorry for myself and then went out to red hill for all-you-can-eat seafood with lauren and chooiguan, which was rad. getting really sick of being woken up at 7 by builders 6 days a week. going to attempt grocery shopping and seeing eastern promises this afternoon before work.

EDIT: tired of opening my section of the cupboard and finding just saffron, i just went and bought a whole heap of the kind of food you'd probably find in a bomb shelter. the walk back in the sun nearly killed me but i will never run out again!!! now to activate sudafed or something.
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(no subject) [Oct. 24th, 2007|10:19 pm]
FUCKEN DEATH PROOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was quite good. in other news, one of the re-subtitled Turkish sitcom episodes on Wholphin (the one where they're all time-travelling ghost busters) actually contains the Aristocrats joke.
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